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love story...our story {pt. 5}

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-----------------------------------------------------------, I'm going to try my best to pick up where the husband left off.

After we broke up, I honestly thought we were over for good.
I had no intention of getting back together with him.  

Sure, he was extremely good looking, smart, fun to be around, and sweet, but he wasn't making time for us...for our relationship.  
After giving a previous relationship a second and third chance, I just didn't have it in me to do the same with Michael.

I cut off all ties.

He would send me Facebook messages.
He would e-mail me.
He would text me.

I just let it go...kept telling him that I wasn't interested and thought it best that we both spend some time growing in our relationship with the Lord.  

He eventually stopped trying to communicate with me.

Although we had only been together for a few months, it was still hard.
The good news is, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace the entire time we were broken up.

Then came that gorgeous day in April.

The sun was shining, central campus was a flurry of activity, and I was enjoying my walk to class.

As I was getting ready to cross a busy road on campus, I checked the street to be sure no cars were coming.

It was like a scene from a movie...I still remember it so clearly...

I turned to my right to check for oncoming traffic, and there I saw him...Michael, driving by in his green car with his windows rolled down.


I waved.

He saw me, stopped his car, and we exchanged just a few words.

K: "Hi! How are you?"
M: "I'm doing well...I'm actually helping to set up for the Student Alumni renewal barbeque here on campus." 

(at that time, a car was pulling up behind Michael, which meant he had to continue driving)  
K: "Oh, ok! I'd better let you go. It was really great seeing you."
M: "Yeah, you too. See you around."

nice try on that serious face, Mikey.
As I continued my walk to class, I began to process those 30 seconds. I thought to myself, "What is this that I'm feeling?"

It was similar to how I felt the first time he kissed me.
That feeling just came out of nowhere and was completely unexpected.
I didn't want our 30 second conversation to end.
I wanted to continue talking to him.
proud of our unplanned matching shirts
I whipped out my cellphone and sent him a quick text:
"Hey. It was a nice surprise running into you today. You look really great!" 

That one text quickly turned into an afternoon texting session. 
My stomach filled with butterflies...

South Carolina trip with his family.
That night, he asked me if I would meet him on Central Campus to catch up on the past few months and talk about what God was doing in our lives.
I happily obliged.
mini golfing together.
That evening was picture perfect.

Michael brought a blanket for us to lay on and look up at the stars,
I had my laptop, so I opened it up and played music quietly for some background noise,
and we talked.
and talked.
and talked some more.

Then we prayed.

It was as if God was right there with us, redeeming our once broken relationship. 

We knew feelings were there, but decided to take things slow.
We wanted to make sure that God was first in our lives.
We wanted to make sure there was time to work on a relationship.

Halloween party.
Over the next month, it became clear to both of us that we wanted to give us a second chance.

Little did we know, it was going to be the last dating relationship either of us would be in again.

We were in love.  

12 hours on our feet for Dance Marathon.
**Engagement story up next!**

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