Monday, October 22, 2012

love story...our story {pt.1}

When I first transferred schools, it was a shock to my system.

I had been going to a private Christian college where I felt like I knew (or at least recognized) almost everyone on campus, could walk across the campus in a matter of 5 minutes, and my class sizes were 20-30 people...max!
But...I wasn't happy there.  
Although I had made some great friends, I felt discontent.

So after giving it much thought and having countless conversations with my parents, I transferred to Iowa State (which is now near and dear to my heart for MANY reasons).

At the time of my transfer, I was in a pretty serious relationship. I most definitely was not looking for a new relationship at the time.

So, at the start of the semester, on the very first day of class...there he was.

I walked into the classroom and found an empty seat (which happened to be next to him).

Since I was new to the school, new to the program, 
I knew NO ONE.

It seemed that everyone in the class had already been in several classes together, as they were all busy chatting with each other.

I noticed him immediately.

  I immediately labeled him BMOC (Big Man On Campus).  

It appeared that everyone knew him...

And everyone liked him.
He appeared to be a jokester, very outgoing and personable, and an all around nice guy.

He was rather engaged in a conversation or two with the people that were sitting around him, so I continued to act busy, in hopes that I wouldn't look awkward sitting by myself. 

It was while I sat there, completely overwhelmed and nervous about my new start, that I heard someone say something.

I turned around and noticed HE was talking to ME.

He said it again, "Hi. I'm Michael.  How are you?" (as I was probably looking at him completely shocked that someone was actually talking to me).

"I'm good, thanks.  My name is Kristin."

I'm pretty sure we exchanged a few more words, but I don't remember much because he intimidated me.

I thanked my lucky stars when the class got started and I didn't have to continue making small talk with him.


Fast forward through that Spring semester, summer, and then the start of Fall semester.

My then boyfriend and I broke up in August of 2005, and I had sort of forgotten all about the BMOC.

That Fall semester, I had started taking a "technology in the classroom" class with one of my good friends.

That meant that we not only met in the education computer lab for our class each session, but we also spent a lot of our free time in the lab to complete (rather time consuming) projects.

Well, guess who just so happened to work in the education computer lab?

That's right...HIM. 

**stay tuned for part 2**  

The Hollie Rogue
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  1. Awww ... I can't wait to read more!

  2. haha, what I was wanting to be a quick snippet of our life is now turning into a (what seems like) 30 part novel! i'll get it all typed out eventually...

  3. aww, so fun to read about your love's beginning! thanks so much for sharing your story and linking up this week :)

  4. Thanks you! It's fun to re-live those moments...the good and bad. Thanks to YOU for hosting a wonderful link-up! :)


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