Saturday, December 7, 2013


I needed to read this today:

"You are exactly the mom your children need. He created you for these good works from before the foundation of the world, and as you walk this great call of motherhood with Him holding your hand, you will be amazed at how He weaves the beautiful thread of redemption through the pattern of your life. He brings light to the dark places through you, something you could only have accomplished by embracing His wonderful call and embracing these very precious children who were inextricably created as part of the design for your life. May He bless you and fill you with great joy in this journey."
-Sally Clarkson [Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe]
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Monday, September 16, 2013

harvest barn.

last year, by accident, my mom and I stumbled upon this adorable barn just outside of town.  
I had no idea it existed, but boy am I glad we decided to stop and check it out.
if I could live on site, I probably would.
we took a trip back to the barn on Friday and it was just as I remembered...
where do I even begin?
when you first pull in, the entrance to the barn has a beautiful display of pumpkins and all things fall/harvest.
I nabbed several small white pumpkins (my favorite!) to display at home.
aren't they the cutest?
  there are also tons of kid friendly activities to do on-site...
visit the farm animals (J loved seeing the cows, sheep, and pigs up close!),
walk through a corn maze,
play in a real combine harvester,
play in a corn bin,
wagon rides...
the list goes on and on!
then you go inside.
the inside is fiiiiiiilled with holiday decor.
the main level has fall decorations perfectly placed about,
and a counter to purchase a huge variety of homemade fudge,
as well as other food items.
I sampled these two and, well, couldn't leave without them.
DELISH, I tell ya!
moving along...
then you walk up the stairs to the top floor (the most magical, in my opinion!)
and find that it's ALL CHRISTMAS! 
do they not have the cutest decorations?!
I wanted one of everything...
oh, and check out the arched ceiling on the second story:
   the detail is just beautiful!
everything about the barn is cozy and perfect.
if you're ever in southern iowa during the Fall season
do yourself a favor and stop by the barn!    
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Friday, September 13, 2013

operation: finish playroom

when we moved into our house just over a year ago, there were some things that just didn't match our style.
since that time, we've slowly been working on and checking off said items.
we've torn down lots of wallpaper, patched up spots on the walls, and have done our fair share of painting.
one of the items on our list was to address James' playroom.
when we moved in, two of the four walls were painted neon orange (the other two were white, phew!) 
with a Chicago Bears border on the top of the wall surrounding the room.
it wasn't what we had envisioned for James' playroom,
so fortunately, Michael and his parents got to work.
they were busy.
after everything was all said and done,
the border was torn off,
the walls were primed and painted in Antique White,
new baseboard was installed,
we added a chalkboard wall,
and put in a new rug.
i couldn't do much to aid in the process since i was 7 months pregnant and painting is generally frowned upon;
however, i did find a few projects (::cough::bunting::cough) to keep me busy. 
the end result is better than i envisioned...and James was floored as well! 
here's a look at his new and improved playroom:
we are slowly turning this house into our home. :)   
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