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love story...our story {pt. 2}

In case you missed part one of our story, click here.

Also, you'll probably want to grab some food and a drink before you plop down to read part two.  I kept writing...and writing...and props to you if you make it to the end!

I was pleasantly surprised to see him in the lab.

He was the last person I was expecting to see!

Again, I instantly noticed how outgoing and friendly he was...

...and I liked that.

I never said anything to him, though.  I was too shy.

I also noticed that he went to the same church and attended the same college ministry every Thursday.

Again, I said nothing.  I was too shy.  

So, October 3rd, 2005.

My friend and I decided to camp out in the lab that evening to get a (extremely tedious) project finished.

We were having a doosey of a time trying to get everything accomplished and were both feeling FRUSTRATED. 

I believe we were the only two people in the lab at the time, and guess who walked in...

"How's it going?  Do you ladies need help with anything?" he asked.

I'm pretty sure we both completely unraveled at that point and asked him to complete our projects for us (since he had already taken this course).

He spent the rest of his shift sitting in there helping us out.

I was smitten.  

That night I went home and sent him a Facebook message (CHEESY, I know!)  I said:

 it was lovely hanging out with you in the CTLT lab tonight  smile it was cool sort've getting to know you and thanks for helping mal out with her project...
God bless,

I wasn't expecting to hear back from him that night (if at all...), and was shocked when I saw this in my messages later that evening:

hey kristin,
it was really nice talking to you tonight, you are welcome for helping out, but i don't know how much help i was, i am sorry if i distracted you from your work at all. i felt really bad that we never got the laptop returned for you. i hope everything works out, if there is anything i can do let me know. Well I will talk to u later, have a good one.

In Him,

Ummm, "sorry if I distracted you from your work at all?" 
Well, news flash: he did.  But I could never admit that!

As it turned out, we had a class together that semester (he had seen me in there and already knew that, but I didn't.  It was a huge lecture hall, and I sat with two of my friends every time).

We ended up sitting together for the rest of the semester (after we officially "re-met" in the computer lab the night of October 3rd).

Fast forward a few more weeks...

I was in the computer lab on Friday, October 28th probably pretending to work on something, just so I could see him (I'm sly like that...ok?)

I walked up to the desk to chat with him and he proceeded to ask, "What are you up to tonight?"

Umm...excuse me?  Could he be asking me out?  I'm going to pass out.

I told him that I was planning on going to the local corn maze with some friends, to which he replied, "Do you care if some friends and I tag along?"

WHAT!  We're actually going to hang out outside of "school"?

I tried to play it cool and said, "Yeah, sounds great!  Meet us there at 9:00 tonight."

He then proceeded to invite me to the Halloween party him and his three roommates were hosting on Saturday evening.

I said "sounds great!" without even thinking it through.

As soon as I was out of sight, I immediately called my mom and two of my closest friends to ask them how I could get out of going to this Halloween party.

I was way to nervous to go.  I hardly knew him...and I certainly wasn't going to know anyone else there! 

Instead of helping me scheme my way out, they all encouraged me to go.


Turns out, we had a blast at the corn maze.

Being in a dark, scary cornfield was a great excuse to walk a little closer to this hunky guy.  You'd better believe I took full advantage of that!
I also met two of his roommates at the corn maze and instantly felt much more comfortable about going to the Halloween party on Saturday night. 

So Saturday morning rolled around and I called Michael to tell him I didn't have a car and didn't feel comfortable walking several miles across campus (at night...on Halloween weekend), so I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it.

"That's no excuse!", he said, "I'll come pick you up.  7:00."

GENTLEMAN, I tell ya.

I was impressed. 

I was a nervous wreck getting ready for this party.  I had 24 hours to scrounge up some sort of an 80's themed costume, so I decided to go as an 80's work out girl.  

Easy enough, right? 

7:00 rolled around and I heard the knock at my door. 

My heart was POUNDING!  

I opened it up to see the most attractive pirate staring back at me (ummm, can we just talk about the fact that his costume had NOTHING to do with the 80's, though?!  I'll let it slide...)

"You look great!", he said.

"Thanks!  So do you.", I replied. 

...and with that, we were headed off to the party. 

I had a blast.

I met a lot of people...including his two brothers.

What's funny is, as the night progressed, I wasn't sure what he thought of me.  

There were so many people there, and he was one of the hosts, so he didn't want to completely forget about everyone else there.

As the party wound down, a few people lingered, so we all hung out in the family room.

Michael was my ride, and he clearly wasn't ready to take me back to my place yet. 

Ghostbusters was on TV, so we all started watching that.

As we sat there, Michael leaned over and whispered, "I'm craving ice cream.  Want to go to the grocery store with me and pick some out?"

At this point, I wasn't ready for the night to end.  

I was having a blast, so I told him I'd love to go.

We picked out cookie dough ice cream and took it back to his apartment to eat (2 spoons...1 carton).

I stayed until the end of Ghostbusters (which was probably WELL past my bedtime...) and then decided I should probably head back and get some sleep.

On the drive back to my dorm, we were re-hashing the events of the evening.

We both mentioned how great it was to spend some time together...

...and I'm pretty sure we both admitted there in the car that we liked each other, too. 

When he pulled into the parking lot, he put the car in park and we continued to sit there for several more minutes talking away. 

As we were talking, the only thing I could think was, "Oh my goodness, is he going to kiss me?" 
**stay tuned for part 3** 
The Hollie Rogue
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  1. Aaah! I feel like I'm reading a good book that I can't put down! I've never heard your story so this is exciting. Can't wait for part 3!!

  2. haha, well thank you! It has been so fun to write, re-living these great memories... thanks for being a loyal reader, sweet cousin! :)


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