Tuesday, November 20, 2012

yea or nay?

First things first...

I don't like that the correct spelling is "yea or nay" for official voting purposes.
I feel like it should be spelled "yay"...don't you agree?  
Maybe I'm just crazy.

Moving on, since we don't need to get into a discussion about proper spelling of voting terminology.

James and I were grocery shopping yesterday and it became very clear to me that food companies are trying to take money from you any and every chance they can get like to appeal to their clientele year round.

Example A:

Chex Mix is a yummy snack. 
I have been known to munch on their "Muddy Buddies" mix on occasion 
(which is identical to puppy chow, in case you're wondering).
When I saw they had created Peppermint Bark Muddy Buddies, I thought to myself,
"That actually doesn't sound too bad."

Did I buy it?
It didn't sound that appealing, but I'd definitely give it a try. 
It got a "yea" in my book. 

Now let's move on.
Example B:


That's the first thought I had as I walked right on past these chips.

Pumpkin Pie Spice POTATO CHIPS?!

No thank you.

I'd rather eat chips...
and then a slice of pumpkin pie MUCH later on.

I do not want those two things combined.

It got a "nay" in my book.

 Do either of these sound good to you?   
Have you seen any other "ordinary" food turned holiday food? 
I want to hear about it! 
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  1. I'd definitely try the Chex Muddy Buddies -- Those actually sound good to me. But the Pringles? That's just STRANGE! As if the pumpkin spice obsession doesn't go far enough ... too far! LOL

  2. Muddy Buddies are the BOMB!!
    And I'm allergic to cinnamon (weird I know)
    so I wouldn't be able to try the pringles! lol

  3. Katie, I know, right?! People assume that adding pumpkin spice to something automatically makes it legit. That's true a lot of the time, but not ALL the time! :)

    Karla, I'm glad you share my Muddy Buddy love! :) That cinnamon allergy definitely isn't weird...I've heard of quite a few people with the same allergy!

  4. Hubs asked me to buy "Muddy Buddies" at the market the other night. I bought them but boy were they expensive for such a small bag! Guaranteed once he opens it he'll eat it all in one sitting. LOL

  5. I definitely agree with your "yeas" and nays. (For the record, I haven't tried either of them.)

    My seasonal faves are the peppermint flavored treats...like Ghirardelli squares and of course the peppermint mocha from Starbucks and other local coffee shops. Mmmmm :-)

  6. Last year I saw pumpkin spice almonds ... Obsessed. I would grind them up and use them in my homemade granola bars. Of course I can't find them this year. But they were a totally "yay"

    I saw peppermint Pringles also. Sick. Nay!!!!

  7. C, ugh, they ARE expensive...but that's a good thing, otherwise they'd be in my house constantly. :)

    Erica, I LOVE the Ghiradelli squares...so delish. Oh, and Peppermint Mochas are a YEA in my book. Love, love!

    Allison, Pumpkin spice ALMONDS?! That I'm more than ok with! Sounds really tasty. Peppermint Pringles, though? I think that's worse than the Pumpkin Spice flavor....absolutely disgusting.

  8. OMG, I tried the Peppermint Chex Mix from Meghan at school and was HOOKED. I have spent the past two weeks scouring grocery and drug stores for a bag. I had to resort to peppermint bark dipped Rold Gold Pretzels (amazing) until I finally found them and yes, bought two bags!!!

  9. Katie P, I'm totally going to need to try them...and also, I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. YUM!


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