Thursday, February 21, 2013

I don't even know...

today has been a blah day.
I probably shouldn't be writing a post, but oh well...too late.
it looks like cabin fever will be lasting several more days, as Winter Storm "Q" is settling into our neck of the woods this afternoon.
the snow is lovely and all, 
but this family is so ready for nice weather so we can get outside and play. 
oh, what a difference being outside can make!

to try to ward off cabin fever, we've been busy reading lots of books, playing with toys, and shooting hoops.

apparently Mary (Jesus' mom) chose to ride the bus today...aka we haven't put James' nativity set away yet. oops.

oh...and i've also been trying to overcome a bout of shingles.
who knew 20 somethings could even get shingles?!
not I...until the doctor confirmed it on Tuesday.

without going into too much detail,
God is most definitely teaching me faith, trust, and patience through this all.

i've been extremely tired and don't have much of an appetite.

moral of the story?
i'm ready to be done with this!
(and when I say this, I mean shingles and cold weather!)  
here's to hoping more consistent, 
more exciting posts happen in the near future.
I just haven't been feeling it lately.
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  1. Mary on the bus cracked me up!
    I'm sick of this weather too. :-( Come on spring!!

    1. agreed!
      and yet, it keeps. on. snowing.

  2. I'm sorry you feel rotten and hope that you heal soon.

    My boys love playing in the snow with their diggers and trucks making tracks and pushing snow. Would James enjoy doing that, even if it's for 20 minutes to get some fresh air and a change of scenery? I know how important being outside is for boys (and their mothers!). If you're not feeling like going out too, is there a safe place he can play by himself where you can see him like the patio? We also back the cars out of the garage and let the boys run around out there and use sidewalk chalk and play with their cars and diggers. Just a couple suggestions.

    1. hey Lauren!
      thanks so much for stopping by. :)
      thanks for your sweet're so right, it's very important for boys to be outside. we've been able to get J out in small increments of time, to throw a snowball, prance around in the snow, or just get a breath a fresh air. any bit helps! :)

  3. I love Mary riding the funny! And I am SO sorry you have terrible. One of my classmates in grad school had that and her doctor said it was a reaction to stress! I hope you can have a nice relaxing weekend, if I lived closer I would come offer you a relaxing yoga class :)

    1. thanks, friend.
      that's what i've heard as well...a reaction to stress, a compromised immune's apparently becoming more frequent in younger people. crazy!

  4. oh momma we have cabin fever something terrible over here! we got the same snow you all did - swept straight across the plains :-( my kids are aching for warm weather (me too!) - and we are sick on top of it. but SHINGLES?! hope you all feel better soon!!! XO

    1. thanks for your sweet words, Brittany!
      bring on the nice weather, I say! :)

  5. oh bummer! shingles!? what the heck! hope you are feeling good and getting it out of your system!!

    and... i hear you on the cabin fever...

    1. thanks, girl.
      feeling better, thank goodness!

      ugh...I need spring.

  6. Oh my goodness! I've never heard of someone so young getting them. I know they are caused from the chick pox virus, but I've only heard of older people getting them. I hope they go away quickly!

    1. I know, isn't it wild?
      I'm on the up and up, so that's a good thing!

  7. Hi. I found your blog through a google search and just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm a new follower. I have a 16 month old boy and live in the midwest as well, (Missouri).

    1. hi Amy!

      you're so sweet!
      thanks for stopping by.
      yay for having a little boy. such a fun age, isn't it?

  8. Hi! I'm a new follower, just found your blog and love it :). I hope your shingles go away soon and the sun comes to stay! I hate cold weather too :).

    Rachael xx.

    1. hi Rachael!
      thanks for stopping by and saying hello. :)
      can't wait to check out your blog.

      here's to hoping warmer weather is on the horizon...


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