Monday, February 18, 2013

a little surprise.

my dear, sweet blogger-turned-real-life friend, Katie sent me a sweet facebook message a few weeks back.
she wanted to know if James and I had an interest in swapping Valentine's with her and her adorable daughter, Maile (who is close in age to J).
oh, but of COURSE!
I mean, isn't there a special joy when opening the door to see a package addressed to you sitting on the doorstep?!
 we set a price limit (goal: don't exceed $10) and a date (February 10th) to get our respective packages in the mail.

then came last week...guess what was sitting on our doorstep?
a special package sent from Colorado. hooray!

Katie and Maile sent us the best treats in the brightened our day week!
  (oops. I forgot to add in the fun goodies that James got!)
the point of this post isn't about the goodies (although James and I scored BIG time with our little gifts!)

it's about the fun and friendship that blogging can bring.
this blogging community can open up so many doors.
it can bring along so many wonderful and encouraging people who are going through very similar things in life.
it can bring along lifelong friends,
and for that, I am so very thankful.
thank you, Katie and Maile, for being our Valentine's this year! 
we may have to make this an annual thing. :)
*sidenote: she wrote this incredible post today. 
hop on over and say hi to this sweet lady! 
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  1. so cute!!! i want in on this next year!!! i saw some other bloggers doing some major linking up to do VDAY goodie box swaps!!! such a cool idea :-) XO

    1. it was such a blast, and a fun little treat to look forward to! :)

  2. You are so sweet to do this little post, Kristin! Our Valentine's exchange made me happy, and I'm glad it did you, too! ::hugs::

    1. ditto! we must do it again. :)
      by the way, did you see Meg's comment below? i'm not sure where you purchased those adorable paper straws... :)

  3. i love those paper straws!! do you know where she bought them?? i would love to have a few for decorating actually not drinking :-)

    1. aren't they adorable? they're almost too cute to use! haha
      i'll check with Katie and let you know. :)


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