Thursday, January 3, 2013

sick and helpless.

It was bound to happen...
James came down with his first significant illness this past weekend, and
it. was. heartbreaking.
Not to mention,
we were at Michael's parent's house
and approximately half the house had,
or was recovering from, "the bug".
(I keep telling myself this will make for one extra memorable Christmas celebration!)
I knew something was going on when he woke up Sunday and became extremely irritable immediately following breakfast.
That just isn't like him.
I mean, the boy's a full blown morning person.
(Where did he get that?! Certainly not from me!)
I decided it best to put him down for an impromptu nap,
then heard him rustling around about an hour later.
When I went up to get him,
he was blazing hot and even more irritable.
**insert one panic-stricken mama here**
The rest of the day went mostly like this:
+ cuddle and snuggle a very lethargic, wimpering boy
+ give some "yummy juice" a.k.a. infant Tylenol
+ continue snuggling/catch a few minutes of zzz's
+ let him spend some time in the bath
(this is when he was most like himself!)
+ drink some water and eat some applesauce & crackers
...and repeat all over again two or three more times.
It has been especially hard on me because for the past week or so,
J man has favored his "dah-eeee" (daddy) over me.
(Don't get me wrong...I love that J is so fond of his daddy)
It devastates me that I can't be the one to console him
or offer him a source of comfort...ever, right now.
Instead, he cries, wriggles, and squirms to free from my grasp
and into the arms of his daddy.
I've never felt so unneeded and quite frankly,
I am not a fan of this new found stage.
Do you suppose that is how the Lord feels when we wriggle and squirm free from His grasp and into the arms of something or someone else? 
Something to think about...
Anyway, now that it has run its course, I'm hoping we don't have to come face to face with Mr. Flu Bug for a long, long, long time.
In the grand scheme of things, I should just be thankful that
no vomitting was involved.
...and hopefully, I'll be in good graces with my sweet boy sooner rather than later.
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  1. I hope he's feeling better today! that is how I spent my New Year's Day--with a sick sleepy boy laying on me. today, Steve and I aren't feeling very good either, but we will finally be home to rest after 2 weeks of travel!

    1. Thank you, Rachel!
      He's feeling much better (minus a bit of a cough).
      Isn't it crummy having a sick little one? It made me so sad.
      I hope your little guy is feeling better (and you and your hubby, too!) <3

  2. Taking care of sick babies is so sad. :( I hope he's feeling better today. We've had fevers and coughs around our house too. I keep telling myself we're building immune systems - ha! And I'm sure he'll be ready to snuggle up with you before you know it!

    1. Oh, Meagan, isn't it horrible? I don't like it one bit!
      He's feeling muuuch better today, so that's always a good sign.
      I love what you said about building up their immune systems - I also keep reminding myself of the same thing!
      Oh, and thanks for your reassuring words about being ready to snuggle up with me soon...I sure hope so!

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited to hop over and check out your blog! <3

  3. hey gorgeous!!!! i wanted to tell you I JUST puta link to ainsleighs boots on my facebook page!!! yay!! happy 2013 beautiful friend!!!

    1. hey girl! ooh, yay! i'm definitely going to have to check out that link. those boots were just too cute! thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know. :) <3

  4. i hope your boy feels better!


    1. Thank you, Alynne!
      He's feeling so much better, thank goodness.
      Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to visit your blog and check it out. <3

  5. Oh I know how helpless you feel when your little one is sick. :( I'm glad he is feeling better now!

    I'm with you on not being a morning person! My husband totally is, and guess who took after his daddy? ;) 6 AM comes so early!!

    1. Thank you, Hannah!
      It's definitely such a yucky feeling to be so helpless when they're sick. He's back to his usual, happy self now, so I'm thankful for that!

      How funny that your husband is a morning person as well...I wish with all my might I could be, but I'm just...not. :)

  6. I really really really love this post. It's the saddest thing though when our babies are sick. The only good part is the cuddling! My baby boy loves baths too- and it seems like the bath is the only place where he is a little more like himself also. Don't feel bad about the daddy phase. Jax is so back-and-forth with McKay and I too. But I would be totally lying if I said it is never hard. It totally is!

    1. Aww, thank you, Ali!
      Ugh, it is definitely the saddest thing when they're sick...I don't like it one bit! (but yes, the cuddling part IS pretty wonderful)

      Thanks for relating with me on the daddy's a love/hate thing. I love that he loves his daddy so much but hate that he doesn't want me. :(


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