Wednesday, January 2, 2013

for you, mama.

To my artistic, fun, antique-loving, passionate about animals, creative, kind, puts her family first mama:
You have taught me so much,
you are always a listening ear,
and are a wonderful source of encouragement.

...and I'll end with a favorite (hysterical!) memory that I share with my mom.

  A few years ago, the husband received a grill from my grandma. As he was excitedly piecing this monstrous grill together, he noticed that one of the pieces was badly bent, which meant he wouldn't be able to put the rest of the grill together.
Luckily, my mom and grandma were headed into town to visit for the weekend, so we could exchange the grill for a new one, and be on our merry way.
Welllll, when we got to the store, we were told that they had no more boxed grills to exchange for our damaged grill.  They then informed us that we could take the "floor model" grill and receive a discount.
"DEAL!", we said.

 We proudly wheeled this HUGE grill out to my mom's SUV and realized that UH OH...we may not be able to fit all of us in the car with this grill taking up pretty much the entire back half of the car a lot of space.
After weighing all our options, we finally decided to let Michael drive, Grandma could sit in the passanger seat, and mom and I would shimmy our way into what was left of the back seat.

This seating arrangement made for two sore backs, a lot of confused glances by people passing by in their cars, and laughter from the four of us the entire way home.

Memories were made, and we still talk about that lovely adventure.

I am so fortunate to call you my mom.
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  1. I remember hearing about that and seeing pictures. Hilarious! :-) Happy b-day to your mom and my aunt Linda!

    1. oh, it was a wild ride, for SURE! :)

  2. Kristin, I love your blog! SO I glad I found you! Can't wait to start following; I love getting to know other young newlywed gals :)


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