Friday, January 4, 2013


I have a dear friend.
We have the same name (spelled differently) and we met our first year of teaching the little ones.
I'm fairly certain we could've been enemies (although we weren't!) and that first year still would've brought us together. 
It was a rough year, 
but that's a whole different post for another day.

SO, we became fast friends and did pretty much everything together.
We became known as the "Dynamic Duo".

It was in our second year of teaching when we decided to take up running as a hobby. 
We hated running by ourselves, but running together? 
Sounded fun!
Plus, it would help relieve some of the stresses of teaching.

We became hooked relatively quickly, ran several 5k races, and decided within that next year that 
"we should sign up for a half marathon!" we did.
In Los Angeles.
With our other friend, Phil.

We flew out on a Friday afternoon, 
immediately after our school day ended.

These games kept K and I highly entertained on the flight 
(we despise flying)
while P kept himself entertained with DVDs.

After a short night's rest, we woke up early Saturday morning to get our gear at the running expo, then go exploring!

 We ventured throughout the Santa Monica Pier, walked the beach, rented bicycles to ride up and down the coastline (one of my favorite parts of the trip!), and grabbed a quick lunch.

The game plan was to get back to the hotel at a good time so we could prepare for the next day and get to bed early
I don't know if any of us got much sleep, though. 
We were too nervous and excited for what was to come!
I remember snippets from the 13.1 miles of running.
The Dynamic Duo readied their iPod's and started the race off together, 
enjoying the first 5-6 miles.
We eventually drifted apart...I was losing steam quickly and wanted to slow it down so I wouldn't have to be scraped off the road by the car that picks up all the stragglers that can't make it to the end. 

these are some thoughts that went through my head during 13.1 miles of running:

"This is so much fun! I'm glad we signed up to do this." 
"I love running in a new makes the time go by much faster."
"Ouch...I have a pain in my side. I hope that goes away quickly."
"Oooh! Water station. Should I stop and risk losing my good pace? No. KEEP GOING."
"Oh my word, I'm only at mile 8? THAT MEANS I HAVE 5 MORE MILES TO RUN."
"Sing along to the music you're listening to...that'll get your mind off of running...right?"
"My legs feel like jello. Wonder what this will feel like tomorrow...?"
"Jesus, please get me to the finish line..."
"Is that Phil? He's running toward me! That must mean I'm near the finish line!"
As we stood there holding the sign to have our picture taken, I couldn't help but choke up.


After a year of training, we actually ran our first half marathon!
It's true what they say...once you do one, you become hooked.
It's definitely something I'll remember for a lifetime!
To make an already long post even longer, we decided to get cleaned up back at the hotel, grab some lunch, then go check out downtown L.A.
We figured the excessive walking would help keep our muscles from like that?
 It's been a little over two years since running this half marathon.
I've got the itch to do another.
Just the other day, K and I were talking about signing up for Nashville...possibly?

We'll see.

*Fun side note...just 2 DAYS BEFORE we left for L.A., I found out I was pregnant with J man.
I was (obviously) ecstatic!
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