Tuesday, January 1, 2013

beginning of year two.

It has been just shy of one year since I began this blogging adventure and goodness, I have learned so much!
In case you haven't read my previous post, I've spent the past several days on a nice little blogging hiatus.
Two words for you:
The last month or so, I've been going blogging bananas.
I've spent way too much time on the computer,
reading blog after blog.
I've been worrying about the fact that I haven't gained many followers (Absolutely silly, I know! That's not what this is even supposed to be about...for me, anyway),
stewing over what to blog about,
and just generally feeling "blah" about the whole darn thing.
I don't want that.
That wasn't my intent when I began this journey to document my life.
With the beginning of a new year, I'm looking forward to setting
a few boundaries, if you will.
Here they are: (in hopes that I'll be held accountable to these!)
+ put my devotional time above all else
(maybe this will be the year that I can wake up earlier than J so I can get it done first thing in the AM instead of frantically squeezing it in during naptime?...remember, I did say maybe)
+ be more organized with blogging
(make an on-going list of post ideas/topics, edit pictures on a more regular basis, etc.)
+ set a time limit for blogging
 (writing posts, commenting & reading other blogs, etc.)
+ be intentional with the friendships formed through blogging
(I've already met quite a few wonderful, encouraging friends through this big adventure and I'd love to maintain and continue to grow those friendships)
I want this space of mine to be a source of encouragement.
I want to be in community with other bloggers.
I want to document my journey through life as a way to look back and remember both the highs and the lows.
...but most importantly,
I want the Lord to use me where He sees fit.
Thank you to all of the wonderful readers for being a constant source of support and encouragement.
I am forever grateful.
Year 2013? Let's do this.
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  1. I cannot holler Amen loud enough. Love this post Kristin! I have been trying to use His influence for the best and often times I get stuck on the computer drooling over someone else's best. It's a crazy routine.

    Our plans for 2013 are actually very similar :) Let's keep eachother motivated!!

    Happy New Year darlin!

    1. hey girl...thank you so much for your sweet words.
      it's SO easy to begin to idolize someone else's blog/life and begin to think "well, what do I even have to offer?"
      all lies by satan, I tell ya!
      with that said, I LOVE it when people keep me motivated and accountable. let's keep each other motivated, for sure! <3

  2. All I know is that is BY FAR the sweetest picture I've ever seen in my entire life. I just want to scoop him up!

    1. awww, thanks Ten! :)
      you need to come visit him...oh, and me too!
      LOVE YOU!

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out! http://bit.ly/XgCakB

    Have fun!

    Gayle @ www.graceforgayle.com

    1. awww, you are so sweet! thank you, Gayle! I look forward to checking out your blog. :)


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