Wednesday, January 23, 2013

crafternoon deeeelight.

 this band of cold weather hangin' out in the midwest right now is no. good.
i'm going stir crazy, james is going stir crazy, 
and it's just not enjoyable being cooped up inside all day.
to combat today's boredom, I decided to do a little craft.
guess how much money I spent on said craft?

that's right, my friends.
i'm a cheap-o thrifty like that.

oh, and I bet a lot of you can do this same craft 
for absolutely free as well...score!
+ one piece of red, pink, and white construction paper 
+ a cut out to trace (I made my own)
+ pencil
+ scissors
+ something to poke holes with (I used a seam ripper...classy, I know)
+ thread
+ tape 
let's begin, shall we?
cut out the tracers to use. 
I wanted two different sizes of hearts...
you can get creative with how many different sizes you want. 
then, trace the hearts. 
I did two large hearts and four small hearts per color.

ummm, yeah. 
this one is pretty self explanatory. 

for this step, I bunched all of my large hearts together and punched through them at the same time. 
I did the same with the small hearts.
 I wanted something that would punch little holes, 
just enough room to get the thread through. 

I grabbed some red thread that I already had.
I came up through the first hole and back down the second hole.
repeat with all the hearts in the color/size pattern you want.

again, this one is pretty self explanatory.
I hung the hearts in between the family room and dining room. 
I used tape to secure both ends.

BAM! your done.
easy as that.
took me like 45 minutes...
don't you love crafts like that?
I know I do.
i'd love to know if you're doing any other fun valentine's crafts.
leave me a comment and let me know. :)

if you're on twitter or instagram, 
use #vdaycrafternoondelight to share with everyone!

happy crafting, loves.

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  1. What? Sooo adorable! Love it (and love the photos, too).

    1. thanks, girl!

      a quick little craft to add a touch of valentine's decor. :)

  2. SO CUTE!! We plan on making an argyle heart wreath for the front door this weekend.

    1. your argyle wreath turned out SO CUTE.
      I totally want to try that.

  3. Cute idea!! And I also love that you ALWAYS have your nails painted...and theyr'e always in fun colors. I've noticed that for a long time and have just never said anything. ;-)

    1. hahaha, ohhh Erica, you crack me up!
      I LOVE that you've noticed my nails.
      I have a sliiiiight addiction to nail polish...I'll be sure to tell Michael it's paying off, since you notice my nails. :)

  4. Saw you on The Vanilla Tulip and decided to check out your blog! I've done something like this before with my kiddos, but I'll definitely try this, too! Thanks! :) Oh, I'm following you now, too! Happy Monday! :)

    1. so sweet, girl! thanks for stopping by!

      I can't wait to pop over and check out your space as well. :)


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