Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a great honor for a great man.

  Adam Hamilton is the pastor of the church Michael and I attended in Kansas.
We were fortunate enough to have him baptize J.
ignore my weird face...it was NERVE WRECKING standing in front of thousands of people.

 Pastor Adam is kind, compassionate, caring, brilliant, 
and just a very neat guy.

...and let's be real, 
the man knows how to preach (and lead a church)!
It's not surprising that he was asked to give the sermon at the
National Prayer Service for the POTUS and FLOTUS 
(along with several other members of the cabinet and congress).
If you haven't already, watch his sermon.
It's 17 minutes well spent. I promise!
It doesn't matter your race, your gender, your political beliefs, any of that.
It's all about living out the word of God.
It was definitely a wake up call for me!
"There's a lot of darkness in our world. 
Lead us to be a compassionate people. 
To be concerned for the marginalized. 
Help us rediscover a vision for America that is so compelling that it unites us and calls us to realize the full potential of this country to be a shining city upon a hill...and when you feel your lowest...don't give up. 
Wait upon the Lord. 
He will renew your strength, that you might lead us as a nation to knock holes in the darkness. Amen."
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