Thursday, January 24, 2013

you up for the challenge?

the husband and I have an agreement in our home...
I prepare dinner, he does dishes.
it's a nice little agreement and let me tell you something -
it has allowed Michael to master his skill of loading the dishwasher.
yep, you heard me right.
I mean, the man's got talent!
I take one look at the heap of dishes in the sink and on the counter and become overwhelmed immediately.
Michael takes one look and readies himself for the challenge.
"It's like a game of tetris!", he states confidently, "I've got this."
that's when I walk away and let him work his magic.
unfortunately, the pictures below really don't do it justice.
he was nearing the end, the dishwasher was full (or so it seemed to me!), but he promised he could squeeze in what you see in the sink and on the counter.


proud of you, my husband.
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  1. hahaha! this is hilarious. speaking from someone who also does a lot of dishes, loading the dishwasher really is an art form. kudos to your husband for mastering it!

    1. thanks, Annie!
      he's always so proud (and has to show me his work) on days when it seems nearly impossible to squeeze in every last dish.
      so far, his track record is 100%!

  2. Okay, this is cute! Totally opposite in my family--my hubs is the cook and I clean. A little unconventional, but it works!

    1. hey! that's ok!
      whatever works.

      some days I'd LOVE for the hubs to cook and I'll do the dishes...we'll see about that one. ;)

  3. Totally dying over this post hahaha!!! What a guy:)

  4. hahaha this is funny! It's cool when you put a twist of fun in "chores". :)

    1. exactly!
      he was pretty proud to show off his work... :)

  5. hahahaha, the pic of him ready to conquer it is so funny.

    1. he's ridiculous.
      do you like his business on top, party on bottom look (i.e. dress sweater from work and basketball shorts...lovely pair, I tell ya.)

  6. I saw your blog on The Vanilla Tulip, and this post made me laugh. Men LOVE to load the dishwasher to the absolute max... not sure why!

    1. aw, thanks so much for stopping by, Erika!
      you're so right about that...they take great joy in fitting all of those dishes in the washer, I guess.
      too funny!


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