Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 random things.

Linking up with some fun ladies (Nicole, Ashlee, and Jamie) today for...

5 random things.

 +I was just beginning to type, when I saw a figure move on the reflection of my computer screen.
No worries, though, after some investigating, I found out it was only the mail man delivering a package to the back door. PHEW.

+My hubby's birthday is today. 
 To celebrate, I'm making his favorite pasta dish tonight.

+I cook almost every night, but hate it.
I can't seem to master the timing of getting everything prepared so that I can place it on the table hot and ready.
Hungry mouths don't seem to mind, though. 
Lucky (or not so lucky) for us, 
the town we recently moved to has very few options for eating out (unless you want Mickey D's or Taco Bell, which, I do get a craving for every now and then...)
You know what that means? 
I'll be mastering this skill sooner, rather than later. 

+I'm left-handed (aka I write with that hand), 
but do a lot of things right-handed. 

+When dealing with the volume (on the TV, on car stereos, on radios, etc.) or temperature gages (mostly in cars), I absolutely HAVE to have it on an even number.
It's really weird, and I hate to be the one to say,
"Hey, can you turn up the volume one more notch to 16 instead of 15? Thanks."
but it's who I am.

Your turn! 
Tell me 5 random things about you...I'd love to read 'em!
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  1. hahahaha! I had to laugh when I read your first fact! That's so funny! I enjoyed reading your 5 random things :)

    1. hahaha, even though it's not really a "fact" about me, it was something that was on my mind at the time I was sitting down to write this post! :)
      Thanks for swinging by and saying hi!

  2. These are great! Happy birthday to your hubby. And thanks so much for stopping by the blog.

    1. Thank you so much, Jamie. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. Means so much! :)

  3. I am exactly like that when it comes to numbers! So glad to hear I'm not the only crazy one out there! ;-) Thanks for linking up!

    1. ohhh GOOD! i'm finding out (through this post) that several people have this same "characteristic". too funny!
      thanks so much for stopping by, Ashlee! :)

  4. 5 Randoms:
    1. I almost always purchase the first item I touch (like, in a grocery store, the first box of crackers, the first can of beans) even if it's dented or looks weird. Why? Because I feel sad for it and I'm afraid that nobody else will buy it...and it will sit there all lonely. (crazy and funny, I know!)

    2. I dread the day Chloe stops nursing. I'm secretly afraid she won't need/want me anymore. :-(

    3. Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday, but Christmas is slowly gaining...thanks to a special little girl that we can share the experience with!

    4. All of our pets have double consonants in their names (Tilly, Rocco, Zella). It may or may not have been a coincidence.

    5. I would die without water! (well, literally...) I drink almost 64 ounces a day. I crave it! :-)

    1. ohhh Erica!
      #1 i TOTALLY understand this one! it's like you wrote that about my mom, my sister, and myself. it's no wonder we're related. :) my mom really needs to send you the articles she's found about being an empath.
      #2 i had a really hard time when James was done...it's such an indescribable bond between mama and baby. i don't blame you for feeling that way!
      #3 i'm excited that you're jumping aboard the "Christmas is my favorite holiday" train. it's always been my fave, and it's even better when you have kids! :)
      #4 i never noticed that! so interesting...
      #5 i wish i liked water more than i do...i'm a total pop (or soda) girl. boo to that!

      thanks so much for sharing! i learned so much about you! :)

  5. Your first random thing made me laugh, reminds me of myself (jumpy)! And the one about volume -- I think my mom is the same way. It has to be on even numbers. You are not alone! :-) And Happy Birthday to Michael...yesterday!

    1. i'm SUPER jumpy and SUPER aware of my surroundings...always have been.
      that's funny about your mom...i'll have to chat with her about that.
      i'll also pass along the birthday message...thanks!


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