Wednesday, December 5, 2012

done deal.

As of 3:30 yesterday afternoon, our first owned home in Kansas now belongs to someone else.

I may or may not have shed a tear.
(whyyy do I get so attached to things?)

...but in my defense, that house holds a lot of really great memories for me.

It was our first big HUGE purchase as a married couple.
That prompted several projects around the house. 
(i.e. tearing down excessive amounts of wallpaper...I mean, we tore wallpaper off of WALLPAPER, people.) 

It was the first home where friends could come hang out on a Friday or Saturday evening, 
eat some food, 
play some bags in the backyard, 
and relax on the deck.


It was the first home we brought our new baby boy to.
His bedroom will forever hold a special place in my heart...
a lot of love and hard work went into making that room just right for his arrival, so thank you to the grandparents who so generously gave of their time, energy, and resources.

I could ramble on and on about the memories made there, but I'll spare you 
(aside from the fact that I've already posted at least once, maybe even twice about this house). 

All that to say, trying to sell said house has been a long road.
An extremely long, dark, winding, terrifying road.
Poor Michael had to deal with an emotional mess probably more than he'd like. 
Money was tight.
Stress was high. 
I would lay awake countless hours at night, trying to talk myself into getting a job, when really all I wanted (and felt led to do) was stay home and raise our sweet boy.
Michael felt that way too.
I owe so many thanks to my friends and family who kept reassuring me that I was (and am) exactly where I needed to be.
You don't realize just how important your words were
and are, 
to me. 

The good Lord taught Michael and I so much.
SO so much.
He taught us patience,
how to trust,
how to communicate and lean on Him,
and most importantly,
that He always has a plan.
It may not go how we want it to go,
but in the end,
it's perfect.

Our house was supposed to close on December 6th, until we received a call from our realtor on December 3rd telling us the closing got bumped to December 4th.
Michael's birthday.
God has a sense of humor like that...
and what a great birthday present it was! 

Now I will look on to what lies ahead for us in our new town,
with our new house.
New memories will be made here 
and when the time comes to sell this house?

I'll most likely be an emotional mess all over again.      
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  1. Congratulations on selling your house. We just bought one a month ago and I know already how special a first house together is. I wish you lots of luck and great new memories in your next house! xo C

    1. Aww, thank you soo much. It's HARD to let go of that first house. :(
      Congratulations on your purchase! That's so wonderful and exciting...and to think, you'll have an extra special holiday this year in your new house. :)

  2. Wow how exciting! We are in the "saving" process trying to get out of our house. We are quickly outgrowing it, but I know that when the time comes, I'll have many of the same feelings. I'm excited for what lies ahead for you!

    1. Thanks so much, friend. God luck to you and your family as you save and prepare for your next exciting time, for sure! :)

  3. We moved from our very first house 3 years ago. It was so hard! We still pass by and I ask my son if her remembers his old room. I remember the first crawl, step and day of school! We are making memories in our new home but I still think of the old one from time to time. Good luck and enjoy the new place!

    1. i would totally drive by if i were still in the same town (for the sake of the new owners, it's a good thing i'm not! haha
      you're so right about making memories in your new home...we are doing the same! (i just get way too emotionally attached to things.)
      thanks so much, Kristin! :)

  4. Congrats Kristin and Michael!! You can both breathe a sign of relief. I like the new design!!

    1. thank you, anonymous! (may i ask who this is??)
      yes! we were able to breathe a HUUUUGE sigh of relief. it doesn't feel real yet, in all honesty. :)

      thanks for your kind words on the design. i'm pretty smitten!!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award :)


    1. Hi Brittany!

      you're too sweet...thank you!

  6. I will feel that way when we sell this place. I know in my mind I will yearn to go back to the room that was once my babies' and I won't be able to. It will make me sad to know it's no longer theirs and just an empty room.

    How long was your house for sale? What a hard road to have two homes at once. Gosh.

    1. Rachel, that's exactly right...
      i made sure to snap LOTS of photos of our house before we packed up and moved, so we could have those pictures/memories to cherish forever (and show James when he's old enough to actually understand...)

      our house was on the market for about 6 months...longest 6 months of my life, for sure.


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