Thursday, October 25, 2012

I feel like a kid again...

I'm not sure who had more fun...
my mom, sister, and me
or James.

We visited the Wonderscope Children's Museum in Kansas City and had. a. blast!

After this trip, I've come to the conclusion that every city needs a Children's museum (if they don't already have one).  

I'm sad we don't live in KC anymore.  Let's be real, you'd better believe I would have a yearly pass in my hand by now.

I mean, what a fun place to go any time of the year, but especially on rainy, snowy, or cold days.

Ok, so our visit... 

The first room we walked into was full of balls and ramps (in case you are unaware, James almost always has a ball, or 3, in his hand).  

The boy was in HEAVEN!

 My mom and sister decided to have a lot little bit of fun as well.
These two are TROUBLE, I tell ya.
Always have to keep an eye on them...
So after the ball room, we wandered into the farm room.

James was TERRIFIED of the cow statue (I was a little sad about that, seeing as I adore cows)!
Moving on... 
Once he was able to get past his fear, he had a grand 'ol time.

He weeded and watered the garden,
 he went to the grocery store to pick out his weekly supply of fruits and vegetables,
and then he rang himself up at the cash register.

All in a days work, right?

After all of that hard work, we decided to mosey on over to the art room to unwind.

I James wrote a special message for daddy,
then played with some magnets on the chalkboard. 

Although I don't have pictures from the other rooms, they were equally as fun.  

I do believe that James' favorite room was the water room.
It was the last room on our visit and I'm glad it worked out that way, as he. was. soaked (and exhausted)!

**This has absolutely nothing to do with the Children's museum, but it needs to be mentioned**

My sister lovingly volunteered to stay back at her place while James took his afternoon nap so my mom and I could take a not so quick trip to HomeGoods.

Ummm, if you haven't stepped foot inside a HomeGoods store before, do yourself a huge favor and find one A.S.A.P.

You won't regret it.  

All in all, it was a (quick) but fun adventure.

Can't wait to do it again!  

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  1. The picture of him with the shopping cart! So cute!

    Looks like a great time was had by all. :)

  2. Thanks, girl! We had an absolute blast! I'm sure Denver has something like this, no?

  3. So much fun!! What a great place to take kids to explore. It must be so great to watch your kiddo explore and learn new things. I've never been to a place like this, but I think i need to find one asap, Cruz would love it! xox

  4. haha I took my daughter to Peppa Pig World for her 2nd birthday and I swear I had more fun than anyone. They have peppa pig music playing the whole time and I found myself skipping to each ride, it turned me into such a kid!

  5. Andrea, it was awesome! It's always fun to experience life through a child's eyes (especially your own child!) You should definitely find something like this if at all possible. It won't be a disappointment, I'm sure! :)

  6. My Froley, that is fantastic! I think it gives us a great excuse to act like a kid again...that's what I did, at least. :)


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