Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have a love for music.

I'm a sensitive and emotional person,
so music, for me, is a release.

An escape.

There is a perfect song for every mood.

     Music can evoke an array of emotions.

          Memories, for me, are often tied to certain songs.

This song makes me weep.

I love the instrumental beginning, I love the lyrics, and I love the faint prayers said in the end.

I often find myself singing or humming [this verse] to James each night as I sit rocking and soaking in every moment with him.

"little boy climb on your pillow steed
and ride
ride ride ride ride
ride far away until you fall asleep
oh ride ride ride ride ride
ride into the place you see the sun is setting
right into the land of ever after endings
ride until you come upon love I am sending
the morning will be on the other side
so ride"

Time isn't stopping anytime soon.

Before I know it, J will be all grown up.

I have this song, however, to keep me connected to these sweet bedtime memories I share with my baby.

After all, he will always be
my baby.

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