Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fall bucket list.

Fall is quickly approaching around here (Cooler temps? Yes please.)  SO, it's time to embrace that fact and create a bucket list of things I want to do & see with my family.  Here goes nothin':

1) decorate for fall.  Using baby pumpkins as votive holders?  Genius.

2)  carve and/or decorate pumpkins.  I love these painted pumpkins.  Actually, I'm dreaming up ideas to get James involved in some painted pumpkin action as we speak.

3)  have a [small] backyard bonfire.  There's something so cozy about being huddled around a fire pit with blankets while there's a chill in the air.  Obviously, if we're having a bonfire, we might as well roast some s'mores.  Am I right, or am I right?

4) witness another win by the husband's football team.  I know they can win at least 2 more games...and wouldn't that be great if they made it into the playoffs?  I heart football season.

5) attend another Iowa State football game...and to celebrate another victory would be the cherry on top!

6) drive through the countryside and check out the changing leaves.  I have been noticing changing leaves already.  Time's a tickin' ... The husband and I better get the car packed up stat in order to check this one off the list!

7) take the camera outdoors and snap some fall pics.  I got my camera last midnight shopping insanity I'll never do it again Black Friday.  That means this is my first fall to really put it to good use.

8)  bake a pie.  Apple?  Pumpkin?  Maybe both?  My mouth is watering.

9)  go to a pumpkin patch.  This is one of my favorite fall activities.  Now that James is older, he'll actually be able to appreciate this outing a bit more than last year (when he mostly sat in his stroller while mom and dad picked out some pumpkins).

10) take the little one trick-or-treating.  We have yet to decide what James will be for Halloween.  We had a great idea last year, but didn't get the costume ready in time.  Maybe this is the year...

This list makes me giddy.  I can't wait to get out and check these items off the list!

Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish this fall?


**2 COMPLETELY off topic things, but needed to be mentioned.**

 First, the new Mumford & Sons album [Babel] came out today.
Do yourself a favor and go purchase it.

You'll thank me later.

Also, who watches Parenthood?
You do?  Ok, good.
I may need you to recap tonight's episode for me, as I probably won't watch it.
I bawled my eyes out last week just watching the preview (and the end of last week's episode, of course).

Tonight is not going to fare well for me if I end up watching.  I should probably go to the store and stock up on boxes of Kleenex...

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  1. Oh gosh, I love me some Parenthood.

    All your ideas are fantastic, too. I especially love those first two projects!

  2. Hey Kristin! What a shock to see that you had posted on my blog! So great to hear from you :) I've been feeling so bad about not posting and leaving so much up in the air, and I desperately miss my blog. I plan to post this week as I continue to receive emails of prayer and encouragement, and I just feel so thankful for each and every note I receive!! I will tell Noah you said "hi!" He's struggling so much in school that we are having him evaluated for possible dyslexia....just can't put my finger on what's up with him as he's extremely bright :/ Very frustrating! I'm thankful to have him at home where I know that he's being cared for and loved despite his struggles- always so afraid teachers may write him off as they did with Josh. Congrats on baby!! And it looks like you've moved?! Wonderful to read your blog and I'll be sure to check back :) Thanks so much for your note!!!


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