Thursday, February 28, 2013


I don't know about you all, but this weather has got me in a funk.
the wintertime blues are no joke, people!
i'm so over being cooped up inside,
doing the same things,
trying to keep a 19 month entertained with limited options...
basically, i'm ready for spring,
which equals nice weather (am I right!?)
as J and I were preparing to sit down and eat our lunch this afternoon, 
a flash of red caught my eye.
I looked out the window to the neighbors tree 
and saw the most beautiful bright red cardinal.
it brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of two things:
first, it was a sign of hope, 
and I have no doubt that God sent it especially for me.
it was almost as if He was saying,
"hold on. spring is just around the corner. be patient, my child."
it also reminded me of my grandpa, 
who is no longer with us.
both he and my grandma loved to look out the window in their home 
to see all of the wildlife outside, especially the birds. 
...and it just so happens that his favorite baseball team was
the cardinals.

it was just the sign I needed to keep trudging through this season...
it will be over shortly, 
and there will be new, exciting things on the horizon.
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  1. love this! i'm over winter too but just have to keep reminding myself spring is coming. & it will be here sooner than we know!

  2. Awww, Grandpa! Love this!! (awesome shot too)

  3. Kristin, you won my heart with this one :)

    My Grandfather is in a very sad decline. Dementia and sickness are overrunning his body and I have no idea how much longer we'll have. We were just at there house this weekend and, though he is in a care facility for the time, I still sat in our spot at the table and watched the birds out the window; something we cherished together, too.

    i hope this snow clears up quick. that image is just gorgeous, great shot darlin!


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