Thursday, December 13, 2012

on trust and timing.

God's timing is good.
God's timing is perfect.
I find that I'm constantly reminding myself of
these two nuggets of truth.
Instead of beating around the bush,
I'm going to go ahead and be real honest here-
Michael and I are both ready.
We want to add to our family...
but right now, it just isn't happening
(I can't complain too much, though. 
We haven't been trying a real long time.)
I'm realizing that it's all too easy to become mad
and frustrated with God...
and then Satan begins to attack my mind with stupid,
ridiculous thoughts.
"You'll never get pregnant again."
"Something is wrong with you."
The list goes on and on...
...and then I open up my devotional the next morning.
(Yes, that one. The one I talk about basically weekly around these parts.)
Seriously, it is as if God writes the words for the next day
(while I'm sleeping),
based on what I was feeling, thinking,
and struggling with from the day before.
devotional found here
Did you read that?
Yeah, so did I.
He specifically told me not to hurry this process.
He told me to accept His time frame.
So you know what?
That's exactly what I plan on doing.
Will it always be easy?
Absolutely not.
Will I still struggle with the lies that creep into my mind?
But guess what?
God is on my side.
He already has my life planned out.
So instead of hurrying this process along and stressing about it,
I will continue to enjoy the quality one on one time I get to have with this sweet boy:
...and boy, oh boy, do I love him.
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  1. I know how you feel, girl. My husband and I haven't been trying for that long, but it's still so frustrating! I have to keep reminding myself that others try for years. I'll be praying for you! :) xo Christina

    1. it IS frustrating!
      I sometimes feel bad for getting so bummed about it when (like you said) others try for years, but truly, when you're ready, you're ready.
      I just need to remind myself that it's all in God's *PERFECT* timing. :)
      Thanks for the prayers...I'll be praying for you as well. <3

  2. I can totally relate! Sending prayers your way! Sometimes it so hard to wait in God, but so worth it!

    1. you're sooo right, friend.
      thank you!! <3

  3. I am so, so happy that you decided to click "Publish" on this post!

    We haven't been trying for #2 for that long, either ... but we've been trying a lot longer than we had to for Maile, and it is discouraging. It seems I go through a week or so of feeling despair each month, when I should be sending Him praise for our beautiful, happy, healthy little girl.

    Reading this, though, I'm confident that the Lord's plan for each of our families is perfect! All will be as it should be, and in His time.

    1. thank you, sweet friend.
      AMEN to the fact that God has blessed the both of us with beautiful, happy, healthy kids. We are beyond blessed.

      I loved your final words...I'm going to write them in my journal:
      "All will be as it should be, and in His time."

  4. what a great. it is a good reminder to all about this topic because everyone i think goes through these trials. it is hard to keep trusting but it truly is amazing what his plan is!

    1. you are so right! it can apply to anything in life.
      He has an amazing, wonderful plan so I must trust that. :)

  5. I can totally relate...

    Yes, I know I have two kids 15 months apart, but that is only as a gift from God. We tried for well over a year to get pregnant with Jude and much of what you are saying is exactly what I felt. Patience is HARD. Really, this kind of waiting is a form of suffering in it's own way. And I found I was molded through that fire. Two years later, I can see that, but when you are right in it, I know how desperately difficult it is.

    And funny... reading in that Jesus Calling book about Sarah and Abraham waiting - that story is why I named my second Isaac. Because she laughed at that "surprise" pregnancy, and the surprise of MY Isaac just left me feeling so grateful.

    Praying for you friend. Praying for your heart in the waiting.

    1. Thank you, Lindsy..your words mean so much to me.
      What a great story you shared about how you got Isaac's name.
      SO fitting and so perfect. <3

  6. Hi There!!!! I'm Hanna. LOVE your blog and I love making new friends!!!! I am your newest follower:)I found you on wonderful Casey's blog "on your heart" post!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! You can find me anytime at

    xoxoxo Hanna

    1. aww, Hi Hanna! your words are so sweet...THANK YOU for saying hi! :)
      I look forward to checking out your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. how providential that you happened to read that devo at the right time! I remember those feelings from before getting pregnant with Nolan. but take so much encouragement in that you already have one perfect little boy, so it will happen again. and once #2 is born, you'll understand the timing & be glad that it happened the month that it did :)


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