Tuesday, November 6, 2012

he's two...and other kc adventures.

This past weekend, Michael, James and I packed up the car and headed down to Kansas City for our nephew's 2nd birthday party.  
Ohhh what a weekend it was!

Friday night, we drove straight to the football game of the team Michael used to be an assistant coach for.  

So many memories.

The team & school are world's different from where Michael is at now.
It felt a bit funny being back, but oh how I've missed it.
It was so great to see all of those familiar faces again... 

Now, my husband is a cool guy...I don't doubt that, but GOODNESS, I felt like I had walked into the stadium with a celebrity the way all of the high schoolers were acting.

"Mr. ______, can we get a picture with you!?"
"COME BAAAAAACK!  I'm failing math this year. WE NEED YOU!"
"You are WAY nicer than my math teacher this year." 

It was really great to see that the hubs has made such an impact on so many kids.  
I can be sure of one thing, the man is MISSED around those parts. 

Please ignore the awkward fly-away bang action that's occurring in this picture. It was windy.
J was perfectly content sitting on my lap for most of the game (he kept me warm)!

We got to my sister's late that night, so we put James down right away.
He fell asleep instantly (what a trooper).

The next morning we woke up, got ready, then headed out to grab some Panera for breakfast (after James's change of clothes at 9 AM...daddy slopped prunes down the front of his shirt...oops!)


We sat there and enjoyed our food, drinks, and good company.

Next on the agenda?  The nephew's birthday celebration (I will be referring to him as R).

R's mama is quite the party planner, so I knew this train themed party would be a good one!

We arrived and were instantly greeted with train hats for all.

Pretty sure James kept his hat on only long enough for me to snap this photo...oh well!
The birthday cake was hand crafted by R's mama.

I mean seriously, just take a second and soak in how amazing that cake train is.
I want one for my birthday!

Moving on... 
There were lots of little ones in attendance, so J had a blast playing with new friends.  

After lunch, it was time to sing Happy Birthday, blow out the candles, and enjoy some cake.

 I think R might've enjoyed his frosted blue train cake, but it's hard to tell...

Next was the unwrapping of presents.

 James had had a late night the night before and no morning nap to try and catch up on sleep, so he. was. beyond exhausted.

We attempted to put him down for a nap upstairs around 1, but he just wasn't having any of that, so I took him back to my sister's for a nap.

He eventually fell asleep around 3. 

Dinner went late (an hour past his regular bedtime) so we were dealing with a cranky child.  
Honestly, though, can you blame the boy?

The next morning we met up with some family for breakfast at IHOP and then got on the road.

James has a pretty good routine on a day to day basis (and is a joy to be around because of that).  
As the weekend was ending, I became a crank because James' schedule was so off and HE was a crank.

 I needed to get James home and back to his routine ASAP. 
For him AND for me.
(and poor Michael, having to deal with both of us!)

The good news?  We're back home, back on schedule, and my sweet boy is back to being his sweet self again.

Behold, the power of SLEEP. 

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet nephew!  We love you! 
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  1. Oh my goodness!! Such cute boys! Love the pictures! My little cousin had a train themed party when he turned 2 also! Love it!

    -Karla @ forevernewlywedded

  2. Aww, clearly the train theme is where it's at! :)


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