Thursday, September 13, 2012


This whole walking thing that James has decided to start doing has kept this mama on her toes!  It feels like each night, as we tuck that sweet boy of ours into bed, I am already starting to pray for the day ahead...."Dear God, please protect this precious gift.  Keep him safe for any illness or injury of any kind." 

J has experienced his fair share of bumps and bruises, but boy, oh boy did we have a new experience yesterday.

Since it was a nice day out, I decided it would be best to walk to the practice field where daddy was coaching.  J and I could both use some time in the great outdoors and it was good, win!  J had a blast eating his crackers, drinking his water, throwing and kicking his ball, and walking around the field.  All was fine and dandy!

As practice came to an end, I gathered up his things and pushed the stroller down to the other end of the field where Michael was standing with James.  James, being the wiggle worm that he is, wanted to be let down while dad was finishing putting the equipment away.  Michael and i were chatting with one of the assistant coaches and his kids when out of nowhere, we heard a loud sound. The next few seconds were a blur as Michael swooped down to pick up James (who had taken a fall right into the plastic part of the front wheel on his stroller), figure out where/what he hurt and attempt to remain calm. All I saw was blood steadily creeping down his forehead.

I immediately assume the worst and go into panic mode. Thankfully the assistant coach we were talking to a minute earlier was quick to act and grabbed the football team's medical kit. He wiped down the cut as best he could and put a bandaid on it.

The cut was small, but looked fairly wide.

To make an already long story short, we ended up taking James to the local hospital. The next 2 hours went something like this:
7:00 - check into ER.
7:30 - chat with an EMT to make sure James wasn't in a life threatening state...we reassure him that he's not (the cut only bled for a minute or two...Michael and I were both shocked!)
7:50 - FINALLY get called back to a room after trying to entertain a sleepy, crabby baby in the lobby
7:51 - answer some questions that another EMT had - what happened? Where'd it happen? What did he hit? Does he act ok (minus the fact that it's close to an HOUR past bedtime...), etc.
8:15 - ANOTHER EMT comes in and apologizes for the wait....something pretty severe is going on down the hall...
8:15-9:15 - attempt to keep a 14 month old entertained in the confines of a 10'x12' room. I was ready to attempt the stitching up myself just to get out of there!
9:15 - nurse comes in and wipes down the dried blood on his forehead
9:20 - YAY! Dr. is HERE! Along with several other people to pin James to the table while the Doc numbs and stitches up the wound. A whopping 2 stitches. Let's just say, James was NOT impressed with that process.

He is back to his normal self today. Doesn't have a clue that he has 2 stitches on the top of his forehead. In 5 days, that will become a fast fading memory, as he'll get his stitches removed.

I really hope that is the last time we have to bring that boy to an Emergency Room. Thank you, Lord, that he's ok.
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