Friday, September 21, 2012

Ay Caramba!

Ever heard of She Reads Truth?


Yeah, I hadn't either until a few months ago and let me just tell you what, it has been life. changing.

I'm going to be real honest with you much as I'd love to read my Bible and pray every just doesn't happen. {GASP!  Confession is a good thing, right?}

Life happens. 

I hate to use this as an excuse (and really, there is no excuse...I just need to make it a priority in my life), but there are piles of laundry to be done, a house to keep clean, a 14 month old who is on the go and into everything constantly, meals to prepare, errands to run...the list goes on and on and on.

So back to She Reads Truth. 
Basically, it's a ginormous online community of women who support and encourage one another as they read through the Bible together.  How fantastic is that?

I first heard about this at a time in my life when I desperately needed some structured "quiet time". 
I needed to be held accountable. 
I needed to put God first in my life.

Do yourself a favor and go check out their website.  Click on the tabs at the top of the page to learn more (What? Who? How? Where?).


I'm on day 4 of reading through Galatians (2:11-21).

I could not put my highlighter down if my life depended on it.

SO much truth to soak in.

"What actually took place is this: I tried keeping rules and working my head off to please God, and it didn’t work. So I quit being a “law man” so that I could be God’s man. Christ’s life showed me how, and enabled me to do it. I identified myself completely with him. Indeed, I have been crucified with Christ. My ego is no longer central. It is no longer important that I appear righteous before you or have your good opinion, and I am no longer driven to impress God. Christ lives in me. The life you see me living is not “mine,” but it is lived by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. I am not going to go back on that.
Is it not clear to you that to go back to that old rule-keeping, peer-pleasing religion would be an abandonment of everything personal and free in my relationship with God? I refuse to do that, to repudiate God’s grace. If a living relationship with God could come by rule-keeping, then Christ died unnecessarily." {Galatians 2:19-21}


I so often get caught up in doing the right thing, saying the right thing, being a rule follower, a people pleaser...the list goes on and on.

God doesn't want that for my life. 
He doesn't want me to be bound by those things...for those things to control me.

Am I perfect?  Far from it.
Do I make mistakes?  Absolutely.
But guess what?  God's grace and forgiveness are enough for me
and enough for you!

Now THAT, my lovelies, is wonderful news.

What is God teaching you?  I'd love to hear about it... Pin It Now!

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  1. I participate in She Reads Truth, as well! I only just found it when the community was almost done with the last study series. :) Definitely needed in my life!


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