Monday, January 9, 2012

So This Is The New Year

Welcome 2012.

I can't believe that Christmas came and went...this weather certainly isn't helping the situation any.  50's and 60's in January?!  That's unheard of in the Midwest.  Oh well, I guess we'll make the best of it and spend lots of time outside!  We've been able to enjoy going on walks the past few days, which has been a breath of fresh air [literally].

Mom and Dad, this is SO embarrassing!
Life with James has been absolutely wonderful.  We don't take our time with him for granted and know that we are extremely blessed to call him ours.  Parenting has been quite the experience so far - it puts everything into perspective and definitely makes us appreciate our parents even more. 

I need to quit my worrying. 

 Is James eating enough?
Is he sleeping enough?  Too much?
 Is he pooping and wetting his diaper the right number of times?
Is this where he should be developmentally?  Physically?
Should I start solids now, or should I wait? 

I'm a worrier by heart, so I have no doubt that God is using this experience to say "Kristin, I've got this.  Lean on me and I will take care of you and your family."  With that said, I'm learning every day to give my worries to God instead of bear the weight myself.  Let's just say that it's not easy! 

James started solids a few weeks back.  His very first bite taste lick was mashed avocado.  YUM!  He wasn't quite sure what to think...

Pre-food.  Excited to try the first bite! (Don't worry, our son was not drugged in this picture).

I don't know why he didn't like it...looks delicious! (Note sarcasm)

Ummm ICK!

This stuff is horrid.  I'll stick to breast milk.

There ya have it.  His first experience with food.  After the initial shock of a new flavor, he actually came to enjoy avocado.  He then went on to try mashed bananas (which he LOVED) and mashed butternut squash.  He has enjoyed these new tastes, and we have enjoyed seeing the look on his face with each new bite.  I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!

Time to finish up.  SBJ woke up from a nap and is ready to try...mashed applesauce!  Pin It Now!

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  1. I love the photos and the commentary. Please keep them coming. It's so much fun to see photos.......especially since I can't be there to witness these 'firsts.'


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