Saturday, July 12, 2014

the clutter that weighs me down.

lately, i have been in the mood for change. i am in the process of going through every room in the house to organize, sort, and purge
it feels good. 
it's freeing. 
i love to get rid of the clutter...the things we are no longer using or needing. i'm the type of person who becomes easily overwhelmed by clutter. it makes me feel anxious and it becomes all i can think about.
today i focused on benny's room. i put away 9 & 12 month clothing, reorganized his 18 month clothing, rearranged a few things, and created a rainbow library on the top of his dresser. that dresser has been a dumping grounds of sorts -- full of junk since we've moved in 2 years ago. it was high time something was done with that little space.
i feel good about getting one room completely done. now it's onto the next room... 
(thank you to any of the loyal readers who are even reading this! i know, it's been a long while. please say hi!) 
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