Friday, September 13, 2013

operation: finish playroom

when we moved into our house just over a year ago, there were some things that just didn't match our style.
since that time, we've slowly been working on and checking off said items.
we've torn down lots of wallpaper, patched up spots on the walls, and have done our fair share of painting.
one of the items on our list was to address James' playroom.
when we moved in, two of the four walls were painted neon orange (the other two were white, phew!) 
with a Chicago Bears border on the top of the wall surrounding the room.
it wasn't what we had envisioned for James' playroom,
so fortunately, Michael and his parents got to work.
they were busy.
after everything was all said and done,
the border was torn off,
the walls were primed and painted in Antique White,
new baseboard was installed,
we added a chalkboard wall,
and put in a new rug.
i couldn't do much to aid in the process since i was 7 months pregnant and painting is generally frowned upon;
however, i did find a few projects (::cough::bunting::cough) to keep me busy. 
the end result is better than i envisioned...and James was floored as well! 
here's a look at his new and improved playroom:
we are slowly turning this house into our home. :)   
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  1. Love how it came together! You MUST post a picture of the rug!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! We were quite pleased with the end result also. :)


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