Sunday, April 28, 2013

a junkin' weekend.

 my completely unintentional, i just had zero motivation blogging hiatu
 has come to an end!
not sure if I have any readers left at this point...
moving on! 

 this weekend was a fabulous weekend for multiple reasons-
the weather was BEAUTIFUL,
it was spent with friends and family,
and it was filled with junk (jubilee, that is).
junk jubilee is this amazing 3 day event where vendors from all over come and set up shop 
so people can peruse through their treasures.
the crew, ready to take on the crowds and junk
   it was extra special this go around, 
because my mom and aunt had their very own booth (and I felt like a proud mother, snapping pictures)!
aren't they the cutest!? my mom is on the left, aunt is on the right.
michael and i seriously considered purchasing this awesome windmill
for our backyard, but backed out at the last minute.
we weren't ready to make quite the commitment,
or haul out that 9 foot piece of metal! 

the day before the jubilee started
my mom was busy getting everything ready to go.
James and I came over to get in her way help her out,
so i was able to snap a few more pictures of her items for sale.
i legit wanted to purchase every item she had!
and here's J doing what he does best...
playing outside and loving life!
now hopefully it won't be so long before i post again...
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  1. Oooooh I am in love with all the items you posted pictures of. I would go crazy at a sal like that. I hope your mom and Aunt did well.


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