Monday, March 11, 2013

my boy.

and goodness, isn't that quote up above so true?
i'm learning daily from him.
this little boy has completely captured my heart.
in fact, he did from the moment he was placed in my arms.
it really is an amazing feeling, isn't it?
one minute, it's just you and your significant other...
and the next minute, BAM! you've become a family of three.
how is it possible that in the blink of an eye,
he went from such a tiny little nugget to a full blown toddler?
  it both baffles me and saddens me,
but don't get me wrong! 
i love the stage he is in now...
starting to speak in sentences,
singing his ABC's,
counting to 20 (on a good day),
praying with us,
and ohhh that indenpendence.
"NO mama!" with the swat of his hand was a favorite 
until the hubs and I quickly nipped that one.
"how about we say 'no thank you', instead? 
...and we don't hit. hitting isn't nice."
he has to try his hand at anything and everything,
and i love that about him.
he's a go-getter like his father.
putting on socks,
feeding the cat,
helping empty the dishwasher,
putting on his hat and jacket,
buckling any buckle (carseat, booster seat, etc).
he is a little sponge, 
learning how to live and function in this crazy world. 

james-y, if and when you read this,
i want you to know that your mama and daddy love you oh SO very much.
you brighten our day.
we pray for you.
we give thanks for you.
we look forward to each new day with you.
...and now i leave you with this video from yesterday.
j can't wait to play with the "big guys".
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