Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 life lately has been good. busy, but good.
i must admit, i like busy.
a few weeks back, my mom signed me up for a 7 week photography class as an early birthday present (thanks, mom!)
i look forward to each tuesday night. those two hours are so good. SO so good.
it's extremely overwhelming, yes.
by 9:00, my brain is practically mush.
but i'm learning so much.
ok, and also, i have a bone to pick-
why does photography have to be such an expensive hobby?
a couple thousand for a camera lens?!
i don't have that kind of moolah, people.   
my j man continues to amaze me on a daily basis.
a little sponge, soaking up anything and everything.
the other day, i caught him grabbing my camera to shoot a couple photos.
he even had the camera twist down and everything!
lucky for us, it's finally becoming semi-decent outside, so we're able to get out in small spurts.
i have to mentally prepare myself for those outings, though, 
because when he hears, "it's time to go inside!" 
he melts to the ground in a puddle of tears.
it's pretty dramatic, i tell ya...
that self take of me above is not a frequent occurance, so don't you worry.
one of my favorite bloggers, jami nato, is extremely passionate about women dressing modestly 
(and rightfully should really read her amazing story).
anyway, each tuesday, she hosts a hashtag gathering of sorts on instagram...
i wanted to join in on the fun.
modest is hottest, people.
oh, and that devotional up there for today?
toooootally what i needed to hear.     
"Rest in My Presence, receiving Joy that no one can take away from you."  
God is so good.
SO so good. 
P.S. tomorrow is the start of the big 12 tournament...i've gotta show my love.
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  1. Oh yey to that photography class! I've been saving up to enroll myself in a photography crash course! And yes, God is definitely good, God is good all the time! =) Have a happy day!


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