Tuesday, January 29, 2013

little green pouch.

when J first started eating solids, Michael and I made his food.
did it take a lot of time? yes. 
was it worth it? yes.

but then, for convenience sake, I started buying those wonderful puree pouches 
that have popped up in baby food isles everywhere.
not only was it super easy to use (unscrew the cap, hand to J), but it had a combination of fruits and vegetables...
veggies he'd normally turn his head at.

the only problem?
the cost (and the waste).

cue the Little Green Pouch
  these pouches have been a lifesaver around these parts.
here are a few reasons why I love them so:

+ they hold more than the regular puree pouch 
(6ish ounches, compared to 4ish ounces)
+ in the long run, they will save us money
+ we won't be dumping multiple empty pouches in the trash week after week
+ they were created by two moms
+ a little superficial, but I like the way they look
(green is my favorite color, after all)
+ they're super easy to fill and wash
(to wash, simply unscrew the cap, open up the zipper, rinse out the bag, and place it on the top shelf.)
+ they are dishwasher AND freezer safe
+ they aren't just for kids! adults can use these too!
+ they are easy to grab and go

I was curious to see J's reaction when I handed him the LGP for the first time.
 he gave it a once over and cautiously tested the pouch (he knew exactly how to use it).
it came as no surprise that he quickly guzzled the pouch 
until there was nothing left.
hooray for sneaking in some butternut squash masked with appleasauce!
so my point in all of this?
go get yourself a pack (or three) of pouches.
it's more than worth it!
[thank you, Little Green Pouch, for sending us a complimentary box! please note, I'm not getting paid for this and all opinions are honest and my own.] 
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  1. Maybe this is a dumb question, but what do you fill it with? Do you buy a big container of puree and just refill the pouch? Looks like a good idea!

    1. I fill it with appleasauce, homemade puree's (like butternut squash, which was in this pouch), you could do yogurt...whatever would come out of the pouch easily! :)

  2. Awesome! Maile is such a fan of the Go Go Squeez applesauce pouches, I'm sure she'd love something like this!

    1. Yes! I'm sure she would! They are really quite nice.


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