Wednesday, January 9, 2013

happy place.

a few years ago, my mom and a friend let me in on a little secret.
a hidden gem in Kansas City, if you will.
lucky for you, i'm about to let you in on the not so much anymore secret...
Bottoms Up Antique Market.
as the sign above reads, the market only happens on the first Friday and Saturday of each month.
you know what that means?
new treasures each and every month.

this past weekend (the first weekend of January, wouldn'tcha know?), my sister needed some help moving, so my mom and I gladly volunteered to come down a few days early to help her pack.
we also took it as an opportunity to scope out the market. 
I mean, we were already in KC and everything...
entering the West Bottoms area of KC is like entering another world.
it was once a desolate, deserted place, separate from the rest of downtown, but is now quickly filling up with these fabulous
 (antique? craft? junk? treasure? restored? vintage?) shops.
the worn down brick buildings and architecture made my heart beat a little faster...
...and then we went into all of the shops,
with these insanely creative, artistic vendors,
and I was in my happy place.

I love a person that can pick up an old, used, beat up, no-one-cares-about-it item and transform it into 
something new.
something beautiful.
something with purpose again.
I left with an old cow butter dish,
thanks to my shopping compadre
(for those of you who are unaware...I. love. cows.)
and my mom left with a few good items as well.

nice weather? check.
great company? check.
one-of-a-kind shopping? check.

you'd better believe I'll be back.
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  1. That looks like my kind of junk! What a cool place ...

    1. are you a junker, too?
      reason number 52 why we were meant to be friends. :)

  2. We did have a great time and I'm ready to go back again. You never know what gem you are going to find in West Bottoms. I would also like to add a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth.....Kristin's sister and my daughter.....for kindly offering to have James join her, Savannah & Natalie for a play date so we could browse at our leisure.

    1. YES!
      a HUUUUUUGE thank you to my sister for offering to entertain the J-Man while we went exploring. life. saver. I tell ya...

  3. great pictures! I love thriftiquing :) When I was engaged, I wished I could've just registered at an antique store for all my kitchen stuff :)

    1. ah! "thriftiquing"? GREAT word, Heather!
      tooootally using that from now on. :)

      and yes, wouldn't that be amazing if we could register at antique stores?
      someone should seriously make that happen...I bet that would be a success!

  4. Well if you're ever in Texas, we have a little gem called the First Monday Trades Days in Canton, and you can find all sorts of good things there. It's so big, you couldn't possibly see it all in one day. You would be in heaven. ;)

    1. ummm sounds AMAZING.
      I might just have to make a trip down for that!
      thanks for the heads up, friend. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, fantastic!!! That would be so much fun! (and seriously, how gorgeous are you too, anyway?!) xo


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