Monday, December 10, 2012

just a day in the life...

You ready for the most thrilling post of your life?
Ok, maybe it's not that  thrilling...
it's only a photo journal of my Monday.
[thanks to Erin for the idea]
While it might not be the most exciting post ever,
it'll be a nice little reminder for me 20 years from now when I look back on
what life was like "back in the good 'ol days",
so here goes...
[Jesus Calling devotional reading]

[look who's awake!]

[menu planning for the week/making a grocery list]

[grocery shopping adventure with my favorite little helper]

[lunchtime for J -- cheese quesadilla, mandarin oranges, and banana]
[definitely ready for his afternoon nap]
[finally eating & catching up on blog reading/e-mails]

[calling to file a claim]
(got backed into in the grocery parking lot last night)
[She Reads Truth advent study]

[paying bills]
LOVE seeing this ****final bill**** message on several
of our bills this month
[after naptime, J helped me make a little sweet & salty treat]

[play time while we anxiously await daddy's arrival from work]
[a quick dinner before the basketball game]

[girls lost, but it was still a fun game to watch]
["Ummm parents? It's my bedtime, FYI."]

[after putting J down, the hubby and I get to relax and unwind]
...and that, my friends, was my day.
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  1. 3 things...
    1. I noticed James' nap is like 3 hours...awesome!
    2. You mean someday we might be able to stay up past 8 PM?
    3. You got your TV hung above the fireplace! We really need to come and visit.

    - Mallory

    1. Mal,
      1. YES! he has become an excellent afternoon napper (for the most part). It's nice to have that time to get some stuff done around the house (laundry doesn't get itself done, unfortunately. bummer.)
      2. haha, the night's are sacred time for me. I SHOULD get to bed much earlier than I do...oops.
      3. actually, it isn't hung...just sitting on its stand on top, but DO need to come visit! you all are welcome any time. seriously!

  2. What a fun post! I might steal this idea sometime ;) Your house looks so cozy.

  3. What a cute post! I might steal your idea sometime ;) You house looks so cozy!

    1. aww, thank you, Margaret! you should totally do was pretty fun, actually. :)

  4. This was one of my favorite posts, I love the pictures! James laying down for his nap was so cute!! He's like, what are you doing mama?? (I love chubby baby hands)

    1. aw, thank you, Erica!
      yes, when I took out my phone to snap a picture of James right after I put him down for his nap, he gave me a very confused look like "umm, what are you doing, mom?" ...and then he fell asleep. :)

  5. Hi! I'm your newest follower. :) Reading this post (er, well, seeing it) reminded me a lot of my life...with my morning devo (The one you're doing is on my wish list.), my little guy, and my love for Pinterest and my iPad. ;)

    Looking forward to reading/seeing more!

    1. hi Laura!
      thank you for stopping by!
      it sounds like we do indeed have very similar days! I love that the Jesus Calling devo is on your wish is soooo good!
      how old is your little guy?
      oh, and Pinterest and an there anything better? :)
      I can't wait to come check out your blog!

  6. Love this post. Looks like a wonderful day! I will have to check out your morning devotional. xoxo

    1. aw, thanks Jillian!
      yes, you should most definitely check out the's so amazing that I blog about it on a regular basis (and post photos of certain days to instagram like it's my job!) each day is just soo fitting. it's wonderful. <3


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