Friday, October 5, 2012

friday letters.

Dear husband, good luck at your game tomorrow night.  You guys won your first three games {hooray!}, so now you should win your last three.  The fans will cheer loud...WE BELIEVE!  Oh yeah, and I love you.  Dear Trader Joe's, we spent some time together on Wednesday afternoon.  I knew I loved you, but I love you even more after seeing my total on the receipt.  I enjoy getting quality food for very reasonable prices.  Dear SBJ (Sweet Baby James), as much as I hate to see my baby grow, you are SO. MUCH. FUN. right now!  You are saying new words every day, finding ways to entertain yourself, and you love to do "Cheers!" with our cups at mealtime.  It makes me a happy mama.  Dear Baby S, I am so anxious to meet you!  I can't wait to find out if James will have a boy buddy or a girl friend.  Regardless, you have some pretty incredible parents.  Dear Starbucks, it's a good thing you aren't any closer.  My bank account thanks you dearly.  Dear readers, thank you for reading my blog.  I have no doubt you are all awesome people!


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  1. Wait, wait, wait ... Did I miss something? Are you expecting another?! :)

  2. Haha, I was wondering if that would come across wrong. My good friend is having her baby today, so that was to her baby. :). No baby for our family yet.


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